At Kava & Chai, we’re as obsessed with coffee and tea as you are. We’ve searched high and low and even gone back in time to find authentic recipes and create exciting new ones. Coffee roasting and drinking as we know it today originated in the Middle East.

That’s why we’re going back to our roots - with the most fragrant ingredients and newest techniques. Kava & Chai brings traditional family recipes and flavors to your corner coffeehouse so that you can have the comfort of home on the go.

Our unexpected combinations and traditional offerings take ‘melting pot’ to a whole new level. We fuse the ingredients found on Middle Eastern spice racks, in foodies’ cabinets and grandparents’ gardens, making original concoctions with authentic roots.


The world has been a better place ever since coffee was first brewed. Civilizations became more enlightened. Great eras can trace their roots to that first sip of this aromatic brew from Arabia to Europe and the rest of the world.

Coffee has been the spark, the fuel, the galvanizer, the catalyst, the illuminator. Eminent thinkers got the stimuli to create works that changed the course of history. Artists found fresh expressions. Writers penned magnum opuses. Inventors showed us how to live better and longer and smarter. And it’s at the coffeehouse where they came together to discuss their day, the stories of their lives, the state of mankind, and to brew ideas that changed the world.

Welcome to our coffeehouse. Enjoy our fresh blends. Be inspired. And brew something.


Some bright minds came up with the idea (must have been over coffee!) to coat the inside of cups with a plant-based lining to make them fully biodegradable. We use these eco-friendly cups to serve our beverages. What’s more, our straws are made from plants and even our barista uniforms have an eco-friendly story woven into them! In the effort to save our planet from plastic, Kava & Chai is leading the way.

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