The Technical Bit

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) designed a process and scale that certified coffee tasters (Q-graders) use to grade Arabica (the best plant for coffee). If the coffee beans score 80 or more out of 100, they are classed as ‘specialty’. We go through stringent processes to make sure all our coffees score greater than 80 and are officially classed as specialty coffee.

The Fun Bit

Our specialty coffees have wonderful aromas and flavours. Everyone’s palettes are a little different, so next time you order, see if you agree with our tasting notes or you can spot something different.

Go ahead and explore our coffee varieties…

Kava & Chai House BlendTaste Profile: caramel and dark chocolate.

Block 903- BurundiTaste Profile: caramel, soft spice and sugar cane.

1903- BurundiTaste Profile: plum, orange peel, toasted nuts and sugar cane.

Palmichal- Costa RicaTaste Profile: red cherry and caramel.

La Conexion- El SalvadorTaste Profile: green apple, syrup and caramelised nuts.