About Us

At Kava & Chai we like to keep things simple, serving locally-roasted specialty coffee and premium tea in ways that everyone can enjoy. No bravado, no snobbery, no fancy brewing-gadgets: just great quality drinks and delicious light-bites at sensible prices. We were originally inspired by the first coffeehouses of the Middle East to create an environment where all are welcome. This inspiration led us to create the name ‘Kava & Chai’, a reference to ‘coffee and tea’ in the Arabic language.

Order online or visit us today and rediscover the original coffeehouse concept: welcoming, easy-going and a place to unwind alone or meet with friends.


Our Inspiration

The first coffeehouses are believed to have originated in Syria before spreading to the Arabian Peninsula, then Turkey, by the 16th century. These coffeehouses became social hubs where people played boardgames, listened to stories and discussed the news of the day. Everyone was welcome. Differing views were exchanged, different cultures mingled, all whilst enjoying a freshly-prepared coffee.

At Kava & Chai our philosophy is to continue the original coffeehouse theme. We pride ourselves on our coffee and tea quality, but make sure that everyone can enjoy them. We are the specialty coffee and tea brand without the unnecessary ‘new-wave’ complexity. Our staff are welcoming and we have added some delicious Arabia-inspired light-bites to complete the experience. Whether you are tired of style-over-substance expensive coffee shops or craving better coffee and tea quality than the standard global coffee chains, Kava & Chai is there for you.

Specialty Coffee

The technical bit

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) designed a process and scale that certified coffee tasters (Q-graders) use to grade Arabica (the best plant for coffee). If the coffee beans score 80 or more out of 100, they are classed as ‘specialty’. We go through stringent processes to make sure all our coffees score greater than 80 and are officially classed as specialty coffee.

The fun bit

Our specialty coffees have wonderful aromas and flavours. Everyone’s palettes are a little different, so next time you order, see if you agree with our tasting notes or you can spot something different. #everydayspecialty


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